Sticks NMix GoalkeeperZL | Hockey

Stick for roller hockey goalkeepers, with a short curve and made of composite material. A special resin that absorbs the energy of the impact, which makes it ultra-light and super-resistant to breakage

All products marketed benefit from a two-year guarantee as from the delivery of the article, without prejudice to the applicable legal guarantees, only on defect of manufacture, in accordance with Decree-Law 84/2008 of 21 May . Sticks because they are considered to be extremely load-bearing, this does not apply, there is no warranty associated therewith, excluding the manufacturing defect after it has been proven by NMix Technology. Usual wear, deterioration, misuse and signs of normal aging do not represent a defect in material.

REF: HKY.300.005.1751

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Weight (kg): 0.400

The professional reference model, extremely balanced