Wheels NMix Super | Hockey

Professional wheels for hockey skates with hardness between 88A and 94A, the 88A wheels are for very slippery floors while the 94A wheels are very fast that guarantee extreme speed. Set of 8 wheels

Defines the color, the hardness, the measure contact with the floor!
Discover the best combination of wheels for you!


HKY.050.005.1100 - 88A

HKY.050.005.1101 - 90A

HKY.050.005.1102 - 92A

HKY.050.005.1104 - 94A

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88 ShrA, very slippery surfaces
90 ShrA, plastic and slippery surfaces
92 ShrA, wheel is usable on most surfaces
94 ShrA, linear speed wheels